Ambient from Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Two-piece ambient indie synth rock band. Pay us in pizza. If could play was creepy it would be us. Border line electronic at times.


Lex Quinn - Vocals, lyrics and all instruments

Troy J Brainard - Guitar, and all instruments


As proof that fate always wins, Q.U.I.L. is a project that was never supposed to happen but now can not dare be turned away from. Formed from the remains of the band, The Fluorescent Lines, Q.U.I.L. began as an effort to recover from a loss of one band member. Having been in a punk band previously, the singer and guitarist decided it was time for a new direction and ignited the flame under the creative candle of Indie Rock.

Being the only members, Alexis Quinn and Troy J. Brainard do everything from keys, guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and co-production all on their own, while both attend The Academy of Contemporary Music as Performance majors.

Exhibiting a sound similar to a hybrid of The xx, Coldplay, and Lana del Ray, their equation of quiet yet heavy, balanced with proportionally tamed crescendos and intricate builds into controlled explosions of sound will leave listeners in a struggle between feeling content and wanting to press replay.

Q.U.I.L. has their first EP, Sister, produced by the band members and Tyler Garcia (Tallows, Them Hounds) of 33rd Street Studios. Sister was released on November 5, 2013.

Q.U.I.L. completed recording their second EP, which was released Feb 18th. They also will be releasing a third EP in April.


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